World Mission Sunday

This is World Mission Sunday and our minds and hearts reach out today to people who in extraordinary ways make it their business in life to live out the Gospel of Jesus on the Continents of Africa and Asia, and in South America. “For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

These catechists remind us that we share this mission here in America, and in Europe where the faith is weakening and our silence deafening. Christ needs us my friends, to be catechists in a new generation of disciples. In these very public times, we have an opportunity to express Christ’s teaching as servants of both the Word and the Sacrament, in the way the Church reveals that Truth to us.

Do not allow fear or complacency to get in the way of being a faithful servant of God. Speak the words given to you by the Holy Spirit and do not be afraid. God is with you. Jesus needs you to learn the Catechism so you can explain to people in the marketplace what Christ means when He says love your neighbor, love even your enemy!

Jesus went into the marketplace and preached about human dignity and reverence. He preached these things as the Father taught Him. Jesus, being His father’s obedient Son, did as He was commanded. We can do no less.

Jesus sets the example for us; do not be afraid to give up your own life for the sake of others. It makes you more human and better able to reflect the face of God.