Sunday Collection

What does my contribution to the SUNDAY COLLECTION mean for the parish, the Archdiocese, and for the Universal Church?

Let’s begin at the beginning. The Seven Precepts of the Church of which Catholics are obliged to obey are:

  1. To attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation and resting from servile works.
  2. To observe the days of abstinence and fasting.
  3. To confess our sins to a priest, at least once a year.
  4. To receive Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist at least once a year during Easter Season.
  5. To contribute to the support of the Church.
  6. To obey the laws of the Church concerning Matrimony.
  7. To participate in the Church’s mission of Evangelization of Souls.(Missionary Spirit of the Church

The Sunday collection is then our responsibility as good stewards of God’s bounty and abiding love.  Mother of Divine Providence Parish is an instrument of the Archbishop of Philadelphia, in whose ministry we collaborate. We are a vital part of the Archbishop’s Mission within his Archdiocese.  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is in turn a significant part of the Universal Church whose Father is the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI. Our responsibility then ‘to contribute to the support of the Church’ extends to Archdiocesan and Papal needs.

The SUNDAY COLLECTION, however provides the necessary means to fund the ordinary budget of our Parish. By actively participating in the Sunday Collection, each parishioner is taking ownership of our sacred space, this sanctuary consecrated to the worship of God in King of Prussia.

You may rightly ask, “How do I determine my contribution?”  The yardstick which gives the most guidance but does not inhibit generosity is – an hour’s wage for every wage earner in the household per week.

The Annual Ordinary Budget for Mother of Divine Providence Parish is $2.2 million. This does not include emergency expenditures. The parish does not get subsidized. Your weekly contributions and special donations contribute to the extraordinary work we do here in pastoral, liturgical, formational and spiritual ministry.

Unfortunately, we are not different than other parishes around the world when you read in the bulletin our weekly collection is down significantly over the past five- ten years. Presently, we are losing a minimum of $2,000.oo a week from last year’s Sunday Collection, which translates into $104,000.00 annually. In order to make up this loss, we have to cut from our ordinary budget, since as good stewards we submit an annual balanced budget to the Archbishop.

I hope this is helpful in realizing what membership in a parish means and how you can vitally contribute to membership by your participation and generous giving to provide the rich spiritual and cultural life we share in our parish, in our Archdiocese and in the Universal Church.


Why Envelopes?

‘Envelopes’ help us maintain an overview of who is an active member of the Church and helps us look at the complexion of our parish in determining what services and Catechesis we need to provide.  I continue to encourage all our parishioners to use their envelopes!


What is Automatic Withdraw?

Parishioners have the option of selecting automatic withdraw for their parish giving.  In this way you can opt out of receiving envelopes and designate a particular amount that will securely withdrawn from your designated account.   Please click on the link for our ACH form, complete the form and return it to the Parish Office to the attention of Mrs. Marianne Houston, Parish Business Manager.  Please note that second collections are not part of this program, so if you see the basket coming around for a cause that you can help, I encourage you to please write a check or drop cash in the basket for these extra collections.

ACH Agreement Form for Sunday Contributions

Setup your Parish Giving Account


Help us help you!

I am grateful for your participation in our parish. MDP members help each other primarily get to heaven, but we also provide a space for Catholic families to come together with share goals and beliefs to learn about their cultural and spiritual heritage and to teach our children how to save souls as well.

May God bless your generous heart and allow you to give to this marvelous work of completing Christ’s work in the marketplace!

If you have questions about giving, please contact the parish office.