Children’s Faith Formation/PREP

Mother of Divine Providence Religious Education Programs




PREP (1st-5th Grade)

Please see below for our Pre-K and Kindergarten options.

The P.R.E.P. Program provides faith formation and instruction for children who attend public school as well as sacramental preparation for all the children of the parish.

Our hybrid program runs from September to May. This program can be described as “Catechist-Led, Parent-Assisted.” Classes are held once every month on Wednesday evenings –6:30 to 7:30 PM.  In addition to class time, each family is required to attend 4 spiritual gatherings over the course of the year. Hybrid PREP Students will meet in small groups with other students in similar grades. Parents are invited to attend simultaneous meetings while their children are in PREP. During the remaining weeks of the month during which PREP does not meet, families will complete their lessons at home using an online platform where assignments are tracked and monitored by the catechist. 

Family Faith Option— Runs from September to May.  This program can be described as “Parent-Led, Catechist-Assisted.” We meet for 1 Sunday a month, at 9:00AM before the 10:30 Mass, both child(ren) and parents – this program is for the entire family. Children meet with their catechist while parents stay and receive information on presenting the lessons. Then we come together as a group to share what we all have learned. After our meeting, everyone attends the 10:30AM Mass together. Parents then complete the unit at home with the child.  Each family is required to attend 4 spiritual gatherings during the year.

The Main Reason for switching to a monthly model that relies heavily on parental involvement is that research tells us this is a better model for growing in faith. Studies have shown that parental involvement in the faith-life of their child is BY FAR the most important element in ensuring that a child develops into a practicing Christian. Faith Formation cannot be confined to a classroom or the church building.

I’m sure you have questions or will have questions. Please reach out to us for help and support. Additionally, all new families to MDP/PREP are required to meet with the DRE, upon registration. Feel free to ask any questions about our programs at that time! 

For more information please contact our office by emailing  our DRE, Maria Pisano at: 

Confirmation Preparation Program

IGNITE Program (6th and 7th Grade) 

For students who have completed 5 levels of PREP classes, we have a separate program focused on confirmation preparation. This is our IGNITE program and students are eligible to begin in 6th Grade. This is, at a minimum, a 2-stage confirmation preparation program. After completion of the first year, IGNITE Stage 1, students will have an interview with the DRE to discuss whether they desire to move on to IGNITE Stage 2. During Stage 2, IGNITE Students will dive more deeply into confirmation preparation in anticipation of Confirmation which they will receive the following year. As such, this is a 2 year program beginning in 6th grade. Upon successful completion of both years, students will be able to receive the sacrament of Confirmation beginning in 8th Grade. 

The IGNITE Program meets two times per month. Meetings are held on Sunday evenings from 6:30PM-7:45PM.

IGNITE ONE Students should select and register for Level 6. 

IGNITE TWO Students should select and register for Level 7.

Catechesis of the Good Shephard Program

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Families with students 3-6 years old are invited to register their younger children in our Catechesis of the Good Shephard Program. This program is designed for this age group and meets at the same time as our Family Faith Program – the whole family can attend together! Please simply register your 3-6 year old using the Family Faith Registration Link above and select either Pre-K or Kindergarten.

What do I do now?

New parishioners and new students to the PREP/IGNITE/CGS Program should contact the DRE prior to registration. Previous Sacramental information is required at the time of registration.

Send questions to the DRE, Maria Pisano, at:

We look forward to another great year of Religious Ed!