Don’t ever give the least, give the most!

The wealthy young man came to Jesus running. He flung himself at the feet of the poor, penniless carpenter from Nazareth.

The man calls Jesus, “teacher” and immediately Jesus stops him: “Why do you call me good?” While at first, it seems that Jesus is trying to cool the young man’s enthusiasm, Jesus did what every disciple should be careful to do: point to the God.

Jesus knows that this man’s zeal has led him to fall on his knees, but he should not fall simply because he was overcome with emotion. As a teacher, Jesus, needs to help him mature in his faith.

Jesus lays out the commandments that the young man excitedly says he has kept. And then looking at him with love Jesus says, yes, but… to gain eternal life, you have to do more.

The Christian life consists in doing things more; in putting yourself out for others and drawing others in. In effect Jesus is saying to the young rich man, take all of your possessions, all that you have and are and use them for the good of others.

You might ask yourselves what do I have to give? I have nothing left. But Jesus is indeed looking at you with love this morning, because He knows you have more. You you’re your prayer, your loneliness and your suffering. These are most precious to God.

Give Him these gifts and you may inherit the Kingdom of God.

When Jesus looks at the young man with love, He sees a man capable of being everything he is called to be and doing everything he is capable of doing. Jesus looks at us with the same love. He challenges us; looks into our eyes and sees what we might be, what we could be if we accept His challenge to give more prayer, more of your loneliness, more of your suffering and more of your love for Him.

Go out then, be true disciples of Jesus, don’t ever give the least, give the most and you will inherit eternal life.