What is a Participating/Practicing Catholic?

A Participating Catholic


“One who by the grace of God, receives, studies,
accepts and shares our faith with others through
participation in the liturgical, sacramental and
cultural life of the parish.”

We receive our Faith:
• In the sacraments of Christian initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and The Eucharist)
• Through participation in our Catholic religious traditions as taught to us by our parents and ancestors
• Through prayer and devotion

We study our Faith through awareness, understanding, and periodic reflection on:
• The Catechism of the Catholic Church
• The basic documents of Vatican Council II concerning our Faith
• The lives of Saints
• The works of the great spiritual writers (Doctors of the Church, etc.)
• Papal Encyclicals (teaching letters on faith and morals)
• The principles of Catholic moral and social teaching and how they apply to all aspects of our life
• Discussion with other active, participating Catholics

We accept our Faith:
• Through an active conversion to God and the Gospel
• In approaching the sacraments of healing and service as appropriate to our life
• In repentance of our sins
• By developing a rightly-formed conscience
• Through participation in the liturgical and sacramental life of the parish

We share our Faith through:
• Professing it to others by witnessing to our Faith in the public actions of our life
• Inviting others to join us in worship, fellowship and sacrifice (evangelization)
• Contributing to the financial, social, and spiritual wealth of the parish according to our abilities
• Practicing it in our homes and with our families
• Exercising responsible citizenship in a manner coherent with Church teaching
• Developing and nurturing faith-based relationships with other parishioners
• Acts of Charity
• Carrying out the mission of Christ in the Church and the world