We are His children, on us His favor rests

Today is the final celebration of Christmas! The Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan reminds us of our own Baptism in the waters of our Church’s font.

From our Baptism the living waters of faith flow. The ceremony of Baptism of which we are reminded, initiates the soul in the life of the Church, uniting it to other pilgrims on their way to communion with Christ. This is the goal of baptism that Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God, manifest Himself through us.

The Gospel, spoken today, in every church, in every city across the world announces with great joy the effect that ‘the Word made flesh’ has on humanity.

We are His beloved Children, on us His favor rests.

We are a changed people. That even in the midst of great darkness and death, in the midst of man’s inhumanity to man, our human life flies freely within the warm light of peace hope and charity that the Son of Man brings to our history. We celebrate every human being who desires God with a sincere heart and their ability to accept this gift with joy and inner peace.

We should not believe in every word written on a blog or a newsfeed. We should believe above all things the Word of God, sent to us for life. We should sing of the greatness of each human person, of his or her dignity in the family of God and of the unconditional love He has for us, His children.