There is a way out of envy

If you look up the word ‘envy’ in the dictionary, it means ‘A feeling of resentment aroused by a desire for the possessions or qualities of another.’ If envy goes unchecked, it can destroy everything we love and care for.

The Olympics date back to the Greek games held on the plains of Olympus in 776 BC. Ancient towns often honored the victorious with statues. One day an envious loser rocked the statue of his opponent until it fell. The problem was, the statue fell the wrong way and crushed him to death.

There are times when we can feel envious of a new car, new kitchen, a better promotion and these feelings can overwhelm us. Envy is a grave sin and thus leads you into a self-absorbed obsession that blocks out reality and the true dignity of another person.

When you look into an envious person’s eyes, you see nothing but a shallow pool of bitterness, only because they cannot possess what others have. Their hearts gradually close to the ever loving and ever creative God with ingratitude and self-loathing.

However, there is a way out of envy. Charitable works. Giving until it hurts. This charity will reopen the heart and fill those blank eyes with meaning, purpose, light, compassion and forgiveness. If someone were to look into your eyes, what would they see? Gratitude or bitter indifference?