Just have Faith!

The images of healing presented in today’s Gospel remind us of the power of God’s love to restore us to life when sickness and death surround us. Our celebrations of Christmas and Easter underline our belief that makes us uniquely Catholic, that God made the human person in ‘the image of his own nature.’ It is precisely in this relationship that the human person is elevated from merely human to the divine.

Both the hemorrhaging woman and the synagogue official encounter the same Christ that we do. They rightly turn themselves and their difficulties over to Him, surrendering what they cannot control in their lives, to Christ.

Whenever you find yourselves in need of new life, turn to Jesus. His presence will drive out all fear and His touch will bring healing and comfort. Remember the miracles you encountered in the Gospel today. These were ordinary people like you and me who had an opportunity to encounter Christ and took it. Christ is here in the Sacraments of Confession and Eucharist, waiting for you. Seize the moment.

All you need to do is surrender to His Will. When Jesus stretches out His hand for you, take hold of it! “Do not be afraid. Just have faith.”