Sixth Sunday of Easter

Charles de Foucauld lived a rather sinful life. His reputation preceded him throughout Europe so upon his conversion to Christ, nobody believed him. In the end, Blessed Charles became a hermit in Africa and lived among the Tuareg; a Muslim tribe who were not friendly with strangers let alone Christians.

Someone asked him how he used to introduce Jesus and his message to the tribesmen. First, he said, “I have to know what the message of Jesus is in my heart, and then when I speak of the difference between the restless and the peaceful heart, even the tribesmen know what I mean.

When I portray Jesus as He Who brings reconciliation with God to the human heart, they understand. To preach peace, I must first experience it. To experience it I must work tirelessly for the dignity of each human person.”

This week work even in small ways to untroubled the human heart. Contribute to the encouragement and lifting up of each person. Know God in other words through others.