Our only goal in life is Heaven

The world can be a conniving place; everyone looking out for their own interests, never looking forward to the final end but always looking at the here and now.

As followers of Jesus, our ultimate goal is heaven. Nothing else matters. To depend on this passing world is fruitless unless it leads us directly to our goal. The Gospels will always remind us of what is really important; that we see the face of Jesus in others. And, sometimes, when we start again to believe only in ourselves and our own self-interests, Jesus will stun us back to the reality of what it means to live our life in God.

Franklin Field once wrote: “Poor eyes limit your sight; poor vision limits your deeds.” Jesus calls us to have the right eyes to see and the right ears to hear; a righteousness that only seeks God. Serving God can never be compartmentalized or something we only do on Sunday. We either belong to Him totally and altogether or not at all.

As true disciples of Jesus, our only goal is heaven and our only peace is in finding Him in the face of the poorer, the less fortunate and the least.