He will find you and carry you home!

In the first reading we see Moses interceding for a stiff necked people. Moses convinces God not to punish them by helping Him remember the covenant He made with Abraham.

Paul tells us that “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” He uses himself as the example of how patient Christ is for those who believe in everlasting life.

The Gospel is perhaps the most comforting for us who are sinners, because the Shepherd is one who is trustworthy, loyal and protective. The shepherd is the one, who having lost one sheep, would risk his own life or spend countless hours in search until he found it and brought it back to the fold, rejoicing.

There is a wonderful thought here for us this week in that what is revealed in these words is Truth: God is kinder than man. When judgement is left to man, he usually accepts ‘an eye for an eye.’ No so God. Man may give up hope in a sinner. Not so God. God loves the person who never strays away; but in His Heart there is a tremendous joy when one who is lost has been found and returned on His shoulders to the Body Who waits.

Take consolation then, not with spiritual arrogance, but with true humility, that no matter how far you have fallen, or how often, Jesus will search for you. He will risk His own life or spend countless, hours, days and years, until He finds you, alone, alienated, stiff necked and afraid.

He will find you and carry you home.