God calls more men to be His Priests!

Today’s Feast immerses us in the lives of countless saints who struggled in their lives to do God’s Will. In the Lord’s Prayer we pray, “Thy Will be dome on earth as it is in heaven.” And so the saints tried to live as if they were already in heaven.

The example they give us encourages us to accomplish what He Himself started – bringing others into union with God.  God not only calls us to be holy. He gives us the strength to live it through the Eucharist.

Each of us has a vocation whether it is to the married life, the single life or the celibate life. It is through our acceptance of this vocation that answers the question, “Who does God want me to be?” Many of us misinterpret God’s call as “what do I want to do with my life?” But the only way we can find happiness, my friends, is to be obedient to the call we have been given.

The Feast of All Saints reminds us of the many men, women and children who have tried to be obedient to Divine Providence, a lot of them were priests, who were called from good families, some poor, others rich; some very intelligent, others barely, some saints; others doing their best to become saints.

God calls more men to be His Priests. Two of our Archdiocesan priests ordained last year came from this parish and yet God calls us to do more, to give more.

In each of your pews are blue cards. I invite everyone to prayerfully consider names of potential candidates for the priesthood. Give us the names of young men in our parish who you think have priestly hearts and then return them in the collection basket.

We have to trust in God’s plan to strengthen our young men and hold them up as they struggle to be holy. The saints are living icons of the Gospel, persons who sought to be poor in spirit, meek, humble, hungry and thirsty for justice, merciful, pure of heart, peacemakers, and were not afraid to be persecuted for the Gospel. They have been these things in varying degrees of human imperfection and so can we.

It is possible be like them because they were so much like us.  We have to imitate their struggle and remain faithful and hopeful in our ability to attain the same crown of glory.

After all, God’s Will and our perfection in it, is our only means of true happiness.