When we leave humility out, pride rushes in – John 9:1-41

“There was a time when you were in darkness, but now you are in the light of the Lord…”

Everything we do during lent aims at awakening our consciences, arousing them to make good judgments and understand that the Light offered us dispels the darkness of the world and those secrets we hide from even ourselves.

A person who has a hardened heart and a formless conscience becomes a spiritually blind man who cannot see or hear the call to repentance or exercise the freedom that results from a life with Jesus.

We will never be able to live a full life, a meaningful life, a life of satisfaction unless we live the life of Jesus. Nor can we avoid the consequences of our actions no matter how big or small they might be; we cannot pretend them away.

Paul says,  “Awake, O sleeper, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”  But how do we awaken our consciences? How do we begin to dispel the darkness of our sinfulness, our spiritual sloth and soften our hardened hearts?

First, we need to recognize the sacramental reality of this Gospel, which lies in Confession. Then we have to ask ourselves, do we believe that there was a man born blind who can now see? If we do believe that the man was healed of his blindness, then how do we not dare go to confession and kneel before Christ and ask for mercy?

If we do believe that Jesus lights up our hearts, how could we find other things more important than confession? How could we teach our children that sports’ practice, school dances, vacations or any other material or finite event or thing can be more important than confession?

My friends, the blind man begged for mercy from Jesus. He did not assume His goodness. He got on his knees and asked to be reconciled with God.

Now, from what I see in our parish, I can deduce two things: either everyone is crowding the parish churches around us or you’re not going to confession. My friends, when we empty our souls of humility, pride rushes in.

Give Jesus a chance to soften your hearts with grace and put the work of God first above all things. If you believe the man was blind but now sees. Come to confession, receive the same healing and see!  In fact, go out and invite others to be healed of their blindness. See the light of Jesus that can shine in your hearts and in the hearts of your children. Do not allow them to stay in the shadows of sin. Teach them by your own practice how to get down on their knees and beg for mercy and forgiveness.

You will feel like a better person, have more confidence in yourself and glow with the Light that never dies.

The man was blind but now he sees!