“When I am strange to you, try to understand me.” (Matthew 25:31-46)

On this last Sunday of the liturgical year, we proclaim Jesus, the Risen Christ as Universal King. Today He takes possession of what the Father has given Him and thus He reigns as King over all creation.

As His true disciples, we proclaim Jesus to be our Shepherd, our Lord and our Goodness. For He promises that when we find ourselves scattered, or confused or living in dark places- He Himself will pasture us; He himself will give us rest; He Himself will find us when we become lost, or injured or sick.

Jesus is a king who loves and because of His love, He shed His blood, and freed us from sin, because only in love is He capable of liberating us from the bondage of shadows and fear, thus making us part of His Kingdom which is good, loving and forgiving.

My dear friends, DO NOT BE AFRAID of Christ’s love and forgiveness because in it you will find the truth about yourself, and ‘the truth will certainly set you free.’ Let down what binds you and come into the Light of His grace. Do not allow what frightens you to hide you from His sacraments, and finally, imitate that which Matthew teaches us today: when I am hungry, feed me; when I am thirsty give me something to drink. When I am strange to you, understand me; when I am naked give me clothes. When I am sick or in prison, visit me.

Can it be so hard after all to know God in this way? Can it be so difficult for Him to find us? Let down your guard and risk the consequences of your actions: truth and life; holiness and grace, justice, love and peace.

The Father gives us Christ today as King and Shepherd of all creation, as food that we might open our minds and hearts and live by his Gospel with joy! If you want true happiness in your life then, “worship God first, above all things and then ‘go out’ and make disciples.” Bring the lost home to Mass and share with them your story of being found by the Good Shepherd.