It fills my heart with joy when I see dads with their children.  The other day, I was meeting a friend for lunch at the mall.  I was sitting on one of the benches inside just people watching while I was waiting.  People are very interesting.  I was sitting in front of the Army Recruiting office and saw a dad go in with his son, who was about 8 years of age.  The dad said something to the soldier inside and then the little boy did the rest of the talking.  He was very happy when he left, as he walked out with army pencils and a few pictures.  It was obvious that the dad had been in the military.  Another dad passed by with 3 little children — one boy about 9 who was walking beside the dad.  The father was carrying his twin girls in his arms.  He was holding them tightly and kissing each one as he walked along.  Each child was receiving from the father just what they needed.  I can only imagine that is what God the Father does for us.  He carries each of us, His children, and provides exactly what we need at a given time.  How blessed are we to be called children of God.  What have you seen?  How has it touched your heart?