We belong in our Home, the Church – Luke 2:22-40

Today we celebrate a Feast that usually is celebrated during the week. Most people miss it, yet it is a very ancient feast. Mary and Joseph bring their first-born son to the Temple. They desire to follow the law and the Tradition of their faith: they want to physically unite their Child with the Divine Presence Who dwells there.

We have our own Law and Traditions. Some families on Saturday brought their children to the Church to physically unite them with God. They came to encounter Christ’s mercy and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Confession.

As imitators of Christ, this feast of the Presentation of Jesus n the Temple renews within us a sense of belonging. This Church is consecrated to God and we belong here, because we are joined by the heart through Baptism.

Every time Jesus visited the temple, his presence intensifies His unity with the Father. Every time we enter the Church we are affirming the Creed that binds us as a parish to the Universal Church.

Ultimately Jesus identifies Himself as the Temple of the Great Spirit of God Who hovers over His people. We identify ourselves as His People chosen to be His own.

As you celebrate this Feast and recall the moments of your own sacramental life, take hold once again your rightful place in the Temple and radiate the Presence of God to those, out there, who have forgotten.