We believe in Mystery – It makes us whole!

We believe in mystery and our ability to enter into the mystery through sacramental signs. We celebrate today the ultimate mystery, the unity of God. Throughout our history we have tried to put into words what we believe is true. However, like anything with God, words fall short in describing even part of His attributes: all-powerful, everlasting, all-knowing, perfect love. It is our faith in the mystery of God that we find hope and ultimately eternal joy.

We know that there is one God, and that in Him there are three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three persons share one divine nature. Each person is distinct from one another and are perfectly equal to one another, because all are one and same God.

Over these past few months, since Christmas, we have celebrated God the Father Whose Will was to send His Son Jesus to dwell among us. We have celebrated Christ’s dwelling, His passion, death and resurrection from the dead. We have celebrated the Coming of the Holy Spirit, Who even to this day and until the end of the world, illuminates our hearts and minds to the Truth about God. The Blessed Trinity is truly a supernatural mystery, a truth which we cannot fully understand, but which we firmly believe because God had revealed Himself to us.

It is faith that brings us to this point. John says in the Gospel, “The Spirit of Truth…will lead you to the complete truth.” It is our trust and hope in God that will help us be whole as persons of faith and in the end to love Him more.