Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

There is a story of a very successful woman who was about to die. She quickly wrote out a will and contributed most of her wealth to the Church and to charities.

When she got to heaven, an angel escorted her pass wonderful mansions and great houses, down expansive boulevards and dignified avenues. She noticed of course that she was passing these places. Finally, they turned down a very small alley and came upon a little cottage. The angel opened the door, and with a smile said welcome madam, we have prepared a place for you.

The woman was filled with indignation, counted the many millions she had left in her will to lists of charities and to the Church. The angel smiled and said but we have built this house on the gifts you have given God through your life.

How much time do we spend caring for our bodies, our intellectual and material pursuits while forgetting our souls? We forgot that our relationship with God is something that needs to be nurtured all through the week, not just on Sundays. They need to be disciplined because they are dependent on God’s love and understanding.

Our relationship with God is manifested through our relationship with others, especially those who are less or needier than ourselves. As Christians, our work is to make sure these two relationships become one so we can to fit through the narrow gate.

Remember what Jesus reveals to us today, I am the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life worth living. “No one comes to the Father except through Me.”