“Thy Kingdom Come” John 18:33b-37

On the last day of the liturgical year, the Church announces a solemn truth about Jesus: Christ reigns as King over all creation. The Church proclaims that everything is subjected to Christ; the Lord of Life is good.

When we pray to the Father for the coming of Christ’s Kingdom, we understand that His Kingdom belongs here in this time, in this place and within this culture. We understand too that his Kingdom belongs to our future.

As we celebrate Christ the King we place Him in the center of our reality and reclaim Him as Lord of Life.

Jesus is a king who loves. Because he loves us as human beings to the shedding of His blood, He frees us from sin. Only love is capable of liberating us from that bondage, freeing us to live the life we have been destined to complete in Him.

The Kingdom of God lasts forever. The Kingdom of truth, of grace, and of pardon knows no end, even though it may be threatened at times. The Kingdom of Christ is victorious over sin and we are charged to help others understand their own unique freedom in it.

Let us look, as we begin a new year of grace, to the hope that Jesus brings through His Kingdom. And in the reality of our lives pray earnestly that His Kingdom continue to come on earth as it is in heaven.