"The Spirit of God will guide you to all the truth." John 15:26-27;16:12-15


Today the Church celebrates its birthday here in this parish, by the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Apostles experienced loss in those hectic days after the crucifixion; they experienced the fear of change, and the confusion of not knowing what the future would hold for them.

Gathered in the Upper Room, the Apostles waited anxiously for the Lord to ignite their hearts and give them the direction and the urgency to complete His Divine Providence.

But as our parish gathers to worship God today, we can feel Pentecost as the living memory of the Church on fire with the Spirit of Truth.

Since Easter, we have connected with the memory of the Apostles who enliven our hearts and minds to the reality of what is means that God is alive and dwells among us.

At this Mass, we welcome all God’s children, young and older; we want to share our special connection to Christ and what we have learned about how the Holy Spirit guides and inspires us in the mysterious ways of God.

Our parish has stood on this holy ground for forty-eight years as a testament to the power of God, of our willingness to love Him by loving our neighbor.

Our love has faltered, but His love has never changed. He joins us here in our spiritual home to invigorate  Christian Life in King of Prussia.

The Scriptures reveal how the Apostles accepted and used the gifts received from the Holy Spirit to witness and proclaim Jesus’ great love.

Since our founding thousands of us have been brought to Christ and have served the Church in various and ways.  Mother of Divine Providence Parish saves souls:! This is what we do, our purpose, our goal!  We pray for souls, our brothers and sisters. We nourish them in the faith. We educate them, and in the end, we translate them into heaven, our true home.

Today, let us celebrate the faith that is and will be supported here, the love that is and will be engendered here and the relationships that began here and will continue into the long future ahead of us.

This Pentecost Day, our birthday! Give thanks to God who brought us together then and now as part of the Mother of Divine Providence family.

In this way, it is the Spirit of God Who descends on us today that makes this parish ever ancient, ever new!

Carry the Light of this Easter Candle before the world with confidence and hope, that whatever we say or do will breathe new life in others and together, in the end we will all sing together the great Hymn of resurrection: Jesus is alive, He has been raised up and walks before us, alleluia!

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