“The Lord is King; He is robed in majesty!”

The third Act of ‘Our Town,’ by Thornton Wilder, opens with the narrator walking amid the graves in the town cemetery of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. He stops and says to the audience, “An awful lot of sorrow has been quieted up here.” Then he pauses and says: “We all know that something is eternal. And it ain’t houses…and it ain’t earth and it ain’t even the tsars…Everybody knows…that has something to do with human beings…They’re waitin’ for something that they feel is coming! Something important, and great. Aren’t they waitin’ for the eternal part of them to come out in the clear?”

As we celebrate Christ the King we place Him in the center of our own hearts and reclaim Him as Lord of eternal Life.

Jesus is a king who loves. Because He loves human beings to the shedding of His blood, He loves each of us by delivering us from sin. Only love is capable of liberating us from that bondage, thus making us truly free to live the life we have been destined to complete in Him.

Advent is a time of waiting for something we know is coming. Something important and great. Allow the eternal part of you to come out in the clear for all to see. Help others place Christ, the Eternal King, in their lives too.