The importance of human reconciliation

The passage this morning from the Gospel of Matthew presents us with an action plan for mending broken relationships that often result from a lack of attention to our Christian responsibilities.

If we feel someone has wronged us, we should immediately put our complaint into words. Holding a grudge for any length of time is ludicrous in the mind of a Christian.

If we feel someone has wronged us we should see him/her personally. A face to face encounter helps make the communication human. Never use texts, emails or other social media, they always lead to misinterpretation.

If this personal communication does fail, we need to bring in a trustful but impartial third party to facilitate a conversation.

The meaning of this passage is to highlight the importance for the Christian of reconciling with others, and the building of a solid Christian community based not on gossip and destruction but rather on love and filled with hope.

The Risen life compels us to examine how we deal with others as human beings not through computers but through our senses, especially those who harm us in some way. It asks us to examine how we love our enemies. It can be a cross for us that transforms our reconciliation into a moment of grace and increased holiness.