The Bread of Life is our sign of Holy Communion! John 6:1-15

Each human being is created uniquely to serve the will of God. Each person is fashioned at conception to fulfill the dreams God has for his people.

So our lives are not only our own but really a reflection of the divine life into which we have been called. The beauty of our life rests in the fact that we have the freedom to say ‘yes’ to Divine Providence. ‘No,’ is not really freedom at all but enslavement to sin.

Our ‘yes’ to God and our surrender to His Way frees us to enjoy the purpose, dignity and integrity of our individual human life as well as our common life with others. We don’t often think about ‘the common good,’ but it is what keeps the fabric of our human society unified in Christ. This is why we need the Church, She keeps us on the straight and narrow path to heaven.

Paul urges us ‘to live in a manner worthy of the call’ we have received, ‘with all humility and gentleness.’

Jesus understands that we need to be supported and nurtured, so He gives us Sacraments to establish with Himself and with each other a bond that can never be broken.
Jesus tells His Apostles to recline and rest and then He feeds the thousands with bread. This is the Bread come down from heaven. It is the very Communion we seek.
This morning we assume the mantle of ones chosen, ones who accept freely our unique participation in the dream God has for His people – to be one with Him.

Saint Augustine once wrote: “Lord you have touched me and I have been transformed into your peace.” Rest awhile in solitude then and feel the breeze of His presence strengthening you to be a vital part of His life in the Church.