Take time to listen..He will never abandon us -Matthew 14:13-21

What will separate us from the love of Christ? Nothing, because Jesus is the Lord!

My friends, He will never abandon us. The people listening to Jesus, as we are today, were hungry for the presence of God.  Jesus reminds us that hunger cannot be satisfied by earthly bread alone.

What Jesus gave them and what He gives us is the Bread come from heaven. When they ate this Bread as we will, they understood and believed, they had their souls filled with satisfaction.

What must we do to satisfy our hunger? The first reading said, “Come to me heedfully; listen that you may have life.” This means that we need to live our lives more consciously, know what we are doing. So many times, we live unconsciously. For some years, I worked in an office and offices are famous for having candy dishes, and people eat from them all day, oblivious to how unhealthy it is to just graze on sugar. It is the same with life itself. We can do and say things, make decisions or judgments without really understanding the true meaning of life.

Take time this week to listen more carefully, become more conscious of the words you hear, “The hand of the Lord feeds us; he answers all our needs”(Psalm 145).