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Yet again, the public has learned that an abortion doctor hoarded the bodies of his victims, keeping them in bags in his home and car. Tragically, Ulrich Klopfer is not the first person involved in abortion to blatantly disregard normal human respect for the dead. Pro-lifers may easily grasp that abortion leads to the total denial of dignity to these babies, even in death. But it is encouraging that even some supporters of legal abortion are also disturbed. Respectful treatment of the dead is practiced by every culture and every religion and is ingrained in our psyche as human beings. Even legalized abortion hasn’t totally erased the feeling that these “products of conception” are human, deserving of more care than being thrown in biohazard bags, flushed down toilets, or put in the trash.  

In response to the revelation of thousands of aborted babies found in the home of the late Ulrich Klopfer, Members of Congress introduced the “Dignity for Aborted Children Act” which requires that the bodies of aborted babies be treated with respect like other deceased human bodies, and either be buried or cremated.

Can you please send a message of support for this bill to your Congressional representatives? There is no reason that anyone—even those who support legal abortion- should deny basic respect to human remains.

Archbishop Naumann sent a letter to the Senate and House urging support and passage of this bill.  Please join him and send your message of support today!

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