REMEMBER those who have gone before us, marked with the Sign of Faith

Today we commemorate our deceased brothers and sisters by praying for the purification of their souls; honoring them as members of our mystical family who fought heroically ‘the good fight and won the race for eternity.’

We re-establish links with them during the month of November; and come to understand better our relationship what the Communion of Saints really means; that we cannot reach heaven alone and there are consequences for our sins and consequences when we do not confess our sins to a priest. Through their life and death, they encourage us to continue to work for purity of heart and chastity of mind, body and spirit.

The important thing is not to give up and above all not to lose sight of our ultimate goal because the Souls today light the way into the mystery of God, Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, on which is based our common Baptism. Here, we touch each other, living and dead, in the great communion of the Church.  In Baptism, death is destroyed and a new road to unending life established through Christ.

Therefore, the souls give us a great hope for the future. We remember their lives and their love. We pray that their souls be purified in perfect love and they become worthy of their eternal reward. We ask too for their prayers as we strive to work for unity among each other and everlasting life for each one.