“Receive the Holy Spirit” John 20:19-23

Pentecost is the living memory of the Church on fire with the Spirit of Truth. Since Easter, we have connected with the memory of the Apostles who enliven our hearts and minds to the reality of what is means that God is alive and dwells among us.

The forgiveness of sins is the sign of the Holy Spirit breathing into the soul of the Church the truth about our relationship with God.

And so, this day is the birthday of the Church to which we belong. This day our parish becomes the sign of the universal Church alive with the flame of faith.

The Spirit of God Who descends on us today makes us ever ancient in our heritage and ever new for our future. It challenges us to go out and make new disciples in the Name of Jesus. And so I challenge every person in this Church to go out this year and invite one person to come to Church with you. Can you imagine what this would look like, if at one Mass there were twice as many people! Go out then, make new disciples and help them worship God first above all things!

Carry the Light of this Easter Candle with confidence and hope, that whatever you say or do will breathe new life in others and together we will sing the great Hymn of resurrection: He is alive, He has been raised, alleluia!