Public Schools are NOT God Free Zones!

Please take 8 minutes to watch this important video, it will be time well spent!  If you think that these problems are NOT occurring here in Upper Merion, you are sadly mistaken.   Our children’s faith is being suppressed every day; we must take a firm stand to allow them to openly express their faith.

Last year we were very fortunate to have Barbara Samuells, President of Catholics for Religious Freedom, speak with us about the state of our country with regard to Religious Freedom.  After listening to Barbara and hearing other stories of children being told that they were not able to discuss their faith in public schools, one mother in attendance at the seminar openly told the following story about her child’s experience in Upper Merion:  Her child was filled with happiness on receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time and  excitedly approached her teacher to share about her wonderful weekend, only to be told that it is unacceptable to discuss such events in Upper Merion public schools.   Imagine how embarrassed that child must have felt, to be told that her faith is unacceptable!   Another child was wearing a crucifix necklace only to be told to remove it; while another student was wearing a t-shirt that spoke of his faith and he was asked to turn the shirt inside out so that he did not offend any other student.

How can we allow this to happen in our own backyard?  You probably noticed that the students represented in the video are high school students.  They realize that they have certain protections afforded them as citizens of this country and that these rights are being violated.  However the children discussed, who are members of our parish, are very young and have no idea that they actually have rights.   It is up to us, the responsible adults in their lives, to protect them and their rights!