Prayer: A community of voices Luke 18:1-8

Persistence in prayer together with perseverance is the most desirable gift we can hope for in an especially hectic life. Both are gifts from the hand of God. God is the Only One Who can strengthen the weak and raise up those who have fallen.

But we need to ask for these gifts using the language God Himself gives  us to speak with Him: Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, frequenting the sacraments especially confession and the Eucharist, association with good  friends who will give good example, & hearing and reading the Sacred Scripture. Moses raises his arms only with the help of his companions because he realizes the communal aspect of prayer as well.

We cannot speak to Him alone or in community, in any other language for Jesus Himself communicated with His Father in the same way.

If we are persistent like the widow and persevere in our good prayer practice, we will find that we can understand more deeply God’s Will for us in this world and in the next.