Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Linda Taylor was putting her children to bed one evening when her youngest, in kindergarten asked, Mommy, if the world ended today would I still have to return my library books?

Linda was caught off guard at first, forced to think quickly about her response about the reality of the end time. She chose, like most of us, I imagine, to take the easier way out by responding to the more direct question about the books. But the little girl’s question is a good one in that it challenges us as Christians to be ready for ‘we know not the day or the hour.’

Are we ready to face the end of our earthly lives and turn everything over to God? Seneca once wrote: “That day you fear as being the end of all things is the birthday of your eternity.”

Believing in Jesus is a sign of contradiction to the world. When everything seems to be in turmoil, and evil things are happening with greater frequency, we are reminded in our faith of what is really important; just when our life seems to world to be over, we have only just begun to live.

When people persecute and ridicule us for what we believe, we grow stronger and holier in His sight. So, my dear friends fear not the arrow that flies by day; fear only those things which will hinder your entrance into heaven.