“May the Word I give you, take possession!”

“Humbly welcome the word that has taken root in you, with its power to save you. Act on this word. If all you do is listen to it, you are deceiving yourselves.’ (James 1:17)

Each one of us who follows the path Christ laid out, listens to both the spoken word and the Tradition handed on by the Fathers of the Church.

Wisdom tells us even in the Letter from James today, that listening is not enough. Catholics are a sacramental people, we believe in outward signs and as such, we live lives that demand witness even among our enemies.

My dear friends, the way we translate the words of our heart is through our actions. If you want to understand who you really are, look to what you do.  Am I a person who ‘pays lip service?’ In other words, do I mean what I say?

Deuteronomy reads, “May the word I give you take possession.” And when it does, may it fill your hearts with love for Him, “increase our faith and protect the good He has given us.”

Let everyone heed what he hears!