Mary, Mother of God

There is no other image in the mystery of the Incarnation simpler than the image of the Mother with Jesus in her arms. She bears her Son from conception to death.

In the same way, she promises to bear us especially when in despair or in anxiety. Mary is our Mother of Mercy because we meet in the reflection of her Child’s eyes, thus we are able to reach out to Him and touch Him so He can dispense His mercy and forgiveness.

Through this Virtue of Mercy, rooted in God’s abiding Love, Mary brings us peace; inner peace, peace in our families; communal peace, global peace, a peace not afraid to forgive and not afraid of being forgiven.

May this New Year bring us a fresh understanding of God’s mercy, a new beginning of virtue; making this world a better place to receive Him and may we depend on Mary, the Undoer of Knots to help us on the Way.