Mary leads us to Christ

In this new year of grace, the Church contemplates Mary, the Mother of God. The virgin Mary was born to be a mother. This vocation is made holy for all mothers as they live their lives dedicated to their husbands and to their children. The supreme consolation that Mary receives at the cross of her Son is the assurance that this vocation as Mother does not end with Christ’s death.

Jesus commands the world, you and me, “Behold your mother.” Mary then is eternally bonded to us and we to her “behold your mother.”Mary leads us to Christ, and Christ leads us back to Mary, for without Mary’s motherhood, the incarnation would be a mere concept and abstraction.

The Lord wills to ‘let his face shine upon us’ through the face of the Mother of God. May the Church, who is Christ, ever be mindful and respectful of motherhood through Mary’s faithful and joyous prayer for us. May we who are her children, lead others to Christ in this New Year through Mary.