“Love God and do what you like.”

Saint Augustine said that the Christian life can be summoned up in one phrase, “Love God and do what you like.”  It sounds good, doesn’t it until you realize that it is filled with responsibility and consequences. “Love God and do what you like.” When we realize how much God has loved us, the one desire of our life is to answer that love; this becomes our greatest task and primary focus in all the world, for it presents us with the obligation to love the way God loves.

To discover how God loves, we should begin by obeying the Law of Moses; conforming our daily life to that which is moral and human. But, we cannot stop there because God is more than the law.  The Christian’s one true desire is to show gratitude for the love God shares with us. Gratitude is the beginning of all virtue; the first step in knowing God, but remember what Francis De Sales told us: “The soul that wants to be converted from sin to a life of perfection cannot expect to attain it immediately. Only little by little does the dawn drive away the darkness.”

Start by examining your life against the Ten Commandments and see from that examine how much you are really in love with God. You can choose from there what to do next. “If you choose you can keep the commandments, they will save you…If you trust in God, you too shall live. Before you are life and death, good and evil.” It’s up to you to choose but to choose wisely.