Let His Word be your spirit and life!

In the Gospel, we are at the beginning of the pastoral ministry of Jesus. He wants to lay out for us the scheme of things so we can understand the context in which he preaches by word and by deed.

He first tells us that it is the Spirit of the Lord that directs Him. The Spirit has anointed Him for a reason and that reason is ‘to bring glad tidings to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives; recovery of sight to the blind and release to prisoners.  He is to announce a year of favor from the Lord.’

These are radical changes in any kingdom but for the kingdom of God these are words and actions reflect the true nature of God.

Jesus has come to change history. Everyday, He breaks down barriers to shake us up and help us better understand that the Father loves us no matter how often we fall or how far.

Each of us can contribute in a unique way to the fulfillment of His Kingdom. There are people around the globe that need your help, there are people right here in this parish that could use your help. Help comes by imitating the life of God as presented by Jesus in the Synagogue. Share your gifts, your fortunes and your kindness: all given to us from the beginning as gifts from God.

Let God change your personal history. Let His Word be you spirit and life!