During Lent our focus is on Prayer, Fasting and Alms Giving.  Our Lectio Divina Prayer Series continues on the Thursdays during Lent up to and including March 14th.  We meet in the parish office building after the 8 A.M. Mass and at 7 P.M.  Our hope is that these times can accommodate all who wish to attend.  If you are not able to be with us, scroll down to the Lectio Divina  “Lesson” in this blog for the steps for this prayer with Sacred Scripture.  We use the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday.

Our Rice Bowl Collection is a way to participate in Alms Giving.  Each week we highlight a country that is helped by our donations to Catholic Relief Services and how that donation is used.  Let us reflect on the help needed in East Timor and be as generous as possible.

Country Spotlight:  East Timor (an island nation near Australia)  Tuberculosis is a major health crisis for the close knit people.  Catholic Social Teaching:  Community and Participation  —  Human beings are not only sacred, but also social.  How we participate in our families and communities, from our daily actions to our policy decisions, affects each and every person.  How CRS helped:  CRS is working with health centers, prisons, boarding schools and orphanages in East Timor to help reduce the incidence and burden of TB using several strategies:

  • Advocate, Communicate and Mobilize-encourage the people to look for signs and symptoms of TB
  • Community-Based Care — CRS provides training to local health partners to help monitor the treatment of TB patients.
  • Capacity Strengthening — CRS helps to train local partner organizations in financial and human resources management so that community-based care is as efficient and effective as possible.

Reflection Question:  If you recognize Christ in the faces of the human family, what new steps might you take this Lent to draw closer to Him?  Can you commit to one of those steps?