During the Lenten Season as we pray, fast and give alms. These are days in which grace is in abundance.  We just need to reflect on  this Sunday’s Gospel of the Prodigal Son to see this reality.  The father says to the older son — “My son, you are with me always, and everything I have is yours.”  Imagine these words being spoken to you.   St. Paul tells us that “every blessing in the heavens is ours”.  So now, how do we use this abundance of grace?  Allow this grace to be the force behind your pray and actions.  This week, let us pray for and assist with alms the people of the Dominican Republic.

Country Spotlight:  Dominican Republic   In the Dominican Republic 42% of the population currently lives below the poverty line.  Catholic Social Teaching: Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers  —  The opportunity of work to earn a living is a right of all people.  All workers have the right to a fair wage, to organize themselves and to work in good conditions.  How CRS helped: CRS has developed Savings and International Leading Communities which is a methodology to target the poorest populations who lack access to formal financial services and who are often overlooked by major micro-finance institutions.  Reflection Question:  A common human reaction may be to be judgmental of other’s neediness.  How can we strive to go beyond our own biases or prejudices toward the poor and hungry?