As we come to the third week of Lent, our Lectio Divina sessions give us time to pray over the scripture and reflect on the barren fig tree.  The gardener allows for one more year so that the fig tree can be nurtured, pruned and cultivated so that it will produce good fruit.  Lent is that time for us.  The Lord offers many graces and opportunities for us to grow closer to Him.  This is our Lenten Prayer.

Our Rice Bowl Collection gives us the opportunity for Alms Giving.  The Catholic Relief Services gives assistance to many countries in need.  Read about this week’s country and please be generous to the collection.

Country Spotlight:  Lesotho (Africa) Lack of education does not allow people to move out of the cycle of poverty.  Catholic Social Teaching: Rights and Responsibilities   We must take responsibility to protect the rights of all people.  These rights include the right of life, food, shelter, education and employment along with political and cultural rights.  How CRS helped: CRS works with the Good Shepherd Sisters to ensure the right of orphans and vulnerable children to high-quality early education opportunities.   This education focuses on five key areas of development:  physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional.  As a result the children are better prepared to follow instructions from teachers, sit in a classroom and socialize with one another.  Reflection Question:  In the parable of the fig tree, why do you think Jesus places so much emphasis on bearing fruit?