Jesus calls us to become better for the sake of the lost

The Beatitudes serve as a code of moral attitudes based in the Ten Commandments that guide us to true and lasting happiness.

Jesus reminds us that all other desires in this world are fleeting. The only real sense of happiness, our only true peace in life is what we will find by putting into practice the commandments in this way.

Becoming poor in spirit; being meek and humble of heart; showing mercy; or becoming a peacemaker is the only way we can become better people, better Christians.

All of you are good people. Jesus calls us to be better people for His sake and for sake of those who are lost and confused about morality, about justice, or about the right thing to do. Jesus calls us to be happy and at peace for the sake of those who have lost or abandoned their faith.

These are not hollow words, rather they are life lessons that will bring peace for the anxious and courage for those who are afraid. To paraphrase a famous line: If not us, then who? If not now, then when?