It’s the work that is important! – Matthew 20:1-16a

The purpose of the parable today isn’t to highlight an unjust action, but to illustrate God’s generosity. It is a reminder for us to see with the eyes of faith, and to narrow that view which excludes a life with Christ.

This can be difficult for us, especially if we are persons of routine. While routine helps us in many ways to deal with the busy-ness of our lives it can still hinder our participation in the greater Church.

Saint Paul laments in his letter to the Philippians: that he is strongly attracted by both productive work and by the glory of life with Christ. In this struggle, we all encounter both temptation and victory over sin.

Finally, St. Paul says “Conduct yourselves, in a way worthy of the Gospel of Christ.” Conform your vision to that of the Scriptures and of the Great Apostolic Tradition that is the Church. This is the vision laid out for us by Christ- it is an embrace of the Cross, which we cannot refuse- “For to me, life means Christ, hence dying is so much gain.”

While we recognize in our journey to the Cross, ‘that his ways are not our ways, we will seek Him who seeks us we will imitate Him who is near.