COME SEE THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS – Mother of Divine Providence Parish is sponsoring a tour to the Franklin Institute to see the DEAD SEA SCROLLS on September 29, 2012.  This is a once in a life time experience to see some of the original parchments containing the sacred Scriptures.  How did we come to have these, you ask?  In 1947, a shepherd, tending his sheep,  stumbled upon a hidden cave along the shore of the Dead Sea in Qumran.  As he was tending his sheep, he was tossing stones into the opening of the cave and he could tell by the sound that they were hitting something. Found inside were pieces of pottery containing ancient scrolls that had been there for thousands of years.  After the excavation, more than 900 scrolls were found that were amazingly preserved.  Some of these parchments will be seen on our tour along with other fascinating artifacts.  We will even have the opportunity to touch a three ton stone from Jerusalem’s Western Wall and place a pray on the stone, which is a tradition for those who actually visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  This exhibit actually ends on the day we will celebrate the opening of the “Year of Faith” — October 14, 2012.  Please consider joining us for this exciting experience and walk back 2000 years in time to see items that are part of our Faith Tradition.