“I do will it, be made clean!”

There was no disease regarded with more terror and disgust than leprosy. Not only did a leper have to deal with physical pain but also self-loathing. They were given no social or emorional supports; he was completely alienated from the human touch.

Each of us has had moments when we have felt alienated or a loss of emotional or spiritual comfort. We worry about our social position and what our so-called friends can do to us if we don’t fit in.

Jesus, moved with pity, stretched out His hand and touched the leper. He tore out the consequences of prejudice, hatred and fear and restored to the leper as He does us, our human dignity. He touched the man and thus his humanity was transformed into a life of true humility.

The Gospel today reveals the simple touch of Jesus who with great compassion shows His power and wisdom to us by re-creating the leper whose humanity had been taken from him.

As you kneel before Him today to make your own confession of faith: “If you wish you can heal me,” open your hearts and your hands, close your eyes and allow Jesus restore your humanity. “I do will it, be made clean.”

No one is strong enough to heal themselves. Let the priest touch your heart in confession. In Valentine ’s Day, we use Cupid, but it is truly Jesus who pierces our hearts and lets them bleed with compassion, forgiveness and love. May He come to save you this day, touching your heart, re-making it as it once was.