Go out, stir things up! Luke 24:35-48


From the Gospel today we can learn three things: That the person who stood before the Apostles in the Upper Room was real. That He revealed His wounds to them and invited them to ‘touch and see.’ That this is the Person Who wants now to have a faithful relationship with us.

The fact the all the Apostles except John offered their lives in sacrifice for the Truth is proof for us that He is alive. This means that the Seven Sacraments He gave us are effective in sharing His grace and glory with anyone who sincerely seeks Him.

Second, the Cross is a necessary part of Divine Providence.  It is not a last minute cure when all else fails, for the Cross is the one place on earth, where in a moment of time, we see the eternal love of God.

And third, the secret of power lies in the fact that all authority comes from God and without Him there is tyranny over the human spirit. There may be people who think Catholics are wasting time worshipping God at Mass. They may think we are ignorant because we gather as God’s Holy People. But the wisdom of God tells us that there is a time to wait on God and a time to work for God. And this is a time to wait on God.

These times that we wait on the Lord are important not just for our parish and our families but also for the world and for humanity.

Listening is the beginning of good preaching.

  • Jesus is real and has been raised up.
  • We too are bearers of the same Cross from which all power follows.
  • All authority comes from God alone.

Our faith is given to us to be shared, so take what you hear today and by your actions announce the Good News to a barren world. You are, after all, salt for the earth! Stir things up and bring to those who have dulled their faith the flavor of God’s abundant grace.