Feast of the Baptism – With You I am well pleased!

The power of baptismal water cannot be appreciated without considering what has happened here today. We find ourselves at the side of the river Jordan, a dove hovers not expectantly, the sky opens and a voice proclaims, ‘this is My Beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.’ (Matthew 2:1-12) Imagine for a moment that you are the Christ and it is over your head the dove hovers. You are my beloved son, ‘with whom I am well pleased.’

Jesus rises from the water of death and begins to walk the Way, of Truth and for Life. Like all true disciples, we are struck at what Jesus does in His Public Ministry what attracts us will attract others to join us on the road to true peace in Him.

Our Baptism missions us to complete what Jesus started, by becoming lights of hope in the world; a world that needs to know it is loved and does not have to remain bullied by violence, injustice and a slavery to sin. The waters of Baptism opens the human heart at its core and transforms it into something beautiful for God. He reveals through His Word and His sacrifice today at Mass, who we really are: You are His Beloved, ‘with you I am well pleased.’

Touch this Baptismal Font this morning, and then go out and tell people, especially those who have lost their faith or those who reject our faith, about what you have learned here. Tell them God loves them and invite them into the waters of eternal life.