“Do you love me?” John 21:1-19

Ever since Holy Saturday Evening, we have been encountering the risen Christ. Everywhere we look, we see signs of Him. Every day at Mass, we hear of his appearances to His Apostles and Disciples and have come to believe that the tomb was really empty.

But, there are people in the world today that do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus, or those who have chosen to ignore it. And so we come together as a parish this weekend to be strengthened in our worship of God because you see, we see the Risen Christ! We can touch Him!

We can testify together to this Truth that Jesus is alive and dwells among us. We look to this Altar and say like Peter, “It is the Lord.”

My friends, we come here every weekend to encounter the Lord Jesus, Who died and rose again in a very personal way. When we experience Him in the Eucharistic Bread, our lives are changed; they are lifted up, expanded, spilling over with love.

And so Jesus asks us, “Do you love me” more than material things? Then teach others to do the same. “Do you love me more” than your self? Then teach others to do the same. “Do you love me” enough to give me away to others who need me? Tend my sheep.

Jesus is alive and lives among us. Be bold in your witness like the Apostles who were ordered to stop speaking in the name of Jesus but continued anyway and they rejoiced that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of His Name.

You can do it! You encounter Jesus, take Him with you and give Him away to those who need Him! He is risen, Alleluia!