You can’t get there from here.  Have you ever heard that saying? The other day when I was out on Communion calls, that is exactly how I felt — every road I was on, every turn I took led me to a road that was under construction or a detour sign.  And NOW, we even have a closed portion of Allendale Road.  I did not realize that the roads were in such bad condition.  Then I began to think about life and all the changes and twists and turns that we experience every day.  How do we face them?  How do we make the adjustment that is needed to move forward?  Even in our spiritual life, we undergo construction and detours.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a wonderful gift that we have that can help us take care of those detours that we take in life.  Our wrong choices, our unkind words that cause others pain, the times that we don’t give God His due — prayer, Mass, trust.  The words of Jesus through the person of the priest help to get us back on track and the grace received through this Sacrament gives us the strength to face all that we experience in life.  How blessed are we to know and love God who is our loving Father.  What have you seen this week?  Have you been able to look beneath the surface?