“Come after Me” Mark 1:14-20

When Jesus invites His Apostles to “Come after me,” they are intrigued because the response to this invitation involves a conversion on all levels of life and at every moment. Conversion is not stagnant in time; rather it is on going and life giving.

Jesus reminds us today what the life of a fisherman involves

  • Being patient, learning to wait in God’s time
  • Persevering-never being discouraging; always being willing to try again
  • Having the courage to face the consequences of telling the truth
  • Being discrete in finding the right moment to speak and the right moment to be silent
  • Being physically fit so as to become his instrument.
  • Being humble in our attitude and in our speech toward others

Remember, the apostles were not forced to accept the call to be fisher’s of men. They could have walked away, as we can. But once they answered, “I Believe,” they accepted the challenge that lay before them, as we must.

“Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand” is a new way of life that seeks to gather all men, women and children to a place where we can truly preach the Word of Christ, not necessarily “with the wisdom of human eloquence, but for the purpose that the cross of Christ might not be emptied of it’s meaning.”

Complete your life then, go after Him and you will become ‘fishers of men.”