One of our stops for Mass while in the Holy Land was Mount Tabor — the site of the Transfiguration.  It is a very high mountain.  It would take hours to walk up to the top, so the group took the ride in the vans that are provided.  The road that winds around the mountain to reach the top is very narrow — it just about holds 2 vans if they need to pass each other.  When that happens, you do not want to be on the open side of the road.  I am sure part of the excitement of the experience is the “wild” ride up and down the mountain.  A good Act of Contrition is in order because your whole life flashes before you as you make this trip.  BUT, when you reach the top, the beauty is amazing. There are 3 chapels — one dedicated to the Transfiguration of our Lord and just like the tents that Peter wants to build a chapel for Moses and a chapel for Elijah.  In front of the main altar is the peak of the mountain covered in glass so that you can see the “spot” where Jesus was transfigured.  This scripture passage has always been one of my favorites.  When I pray over this passage I think that Jesus really had to plan this trip up the mountain for prayer because it is not “just around the corner”, nor was it a spur of the moment trip.  It would have been a very long walk up and down.  Jesus did not have our van service.  It was probably more than a full day total, I would imagine.  Do we put that much planning and time into our prayer experience?  Do we have a special place and time for our conversation with Jesus?  The next time you are praying, place yourself in spirit on Mount Tabor and allow the Lord to transfigure you by allowing yourself to grow in grace and love for God.  Allow yourself to be excited by the experience.