Be vigilant – He has already come!

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and that this is the First Week of Advent. The awareness of this moment is surely a metaphor for the message of the Scriptures today: we don’t know when the hour will come. It will be unexpected. This is why the true disciple must be vigilant, watch and be ready.

This Advent time offers us the opportunity to enter into the silence of God. It is here that God speaks to us and re-enforces our relationship with Him.

God offers us time to be still. In this gift we are able to lay down our anxieties and fears and rest a bit in His Presence.

If you would take just five minutes, maybe ten each morning to place yourself in the Presence of God and without words or thoughts give yourselves over the silence of that moment with only the name of Jesus on your lips, you would have a better day a holier Christmas and healthier life.

Be vigilant, He has already come!