Be transformed into what you consume. John 6:51-58

Paul today in his letter to the Ephesians give us directions on how to navigate through these confused and hectic times in which we live.

“Watch carefully how you live.” “Understand what is the will of the Lord. Be filled with the Holy Spirit; watch how much you drink, address one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs giving thanks always for everything.

We are the ones to whom the Bread of Life is given. We consume the Body and Blood of Christ and because we do this we have the life given to us by the Father. This life we live is given to us. So how do we learn about the Will of God in this life, in our life together as a parish, in your life together as a family and in your life within the family of God: the Blessed Trinity?

So much information is available to us today to search. My best resources are both the Vatican Website, the Archdiocesan website, even our parish website. They are full of information about how to discern God’s Will.

And so we too can hear those wonder-filled words from Proverbs: “Wisdom has built her house. Let whoever is simple turn in here and to those who lack understanding, she says, “Come, eat of my food and drink of the wine I have mixed. Looking in the right places will advance your understanding!”

Faith is not a passive or a stagnant gift. Faith is active and creative: filled with unpredictability and yet always the same, always directed to God alone. If it rests in our hearts and we expect it to do all the work, it will die. Take the gift given you and use it, exercise it, proclaim it, give it – these are all action words. You can do it if you trust in Him Who gives you the Bread Life!  Consume this Bread and “be transformed into what you consume (Saint Leo the Great).”